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DIGITUS Ads is a performance base marketing network. Based in the heart of Africa (Lagos, Nigeria) with a global presence internationally, we are working closely with the most respected Agencies in top tiers and beyond. Also generating high-quality traffic from trusted top publishers and Ads networks.

However, we only run exclusive and direct campaigns in order to make sure we offer all our publishers competitive payouts, fast payments, and unlimited budgets on all our campaigns.

We are dedicated to empowering our partners with sophisticated solutions that make it simple for agencies and brands to connect with targeted users and for publishers to monetize their traffic.

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DIGITUS Ads Network

We are trusted by the most successful agencies, advertisers and brands. We generate customers and users on pay-for-performance model(CPA, CPL, CPP, CPI, CPE, CPS) We convert traffic into profit on global preferences .

  1. 5.0 Offers: 5Payout: 5Support: 5
    I never believe them initially, they ask me to give them a trial of their offers after which I was amazed by the support I got from them. good offers best payout above all payment was made on time.
    They are one of the best in the industry. I recommend them to you.
    DIGITUS Ads Payment Proof Review
    5.0 Offers: 5Payout: 5Support: 5
    DIGITUS ADS is the best with good & converting offers, the best payout, and dedicated AM with payment on time. it's a pleasure to have been working with them for a while now.
    They never disappoint me since day one when I have been with them.
    Thanks to my manager @Taiwo for always being there for me. for more details check their website
    5.0 Offers: 5Payout: 5Support: 5
    I join DIGITUS ADS over 6 months now and I have earned so much from them, My AM is the best he gives me converting offers and pays me on time.
    I recommend them to you, they are one of the best in the industry. They are very professional with trending and best offers with good Payout.
    Thank you DIGITUS ADS.
    1.0 Offers: 1Payout: 1Support: 1
    These Nigerians are scammers. They dont pay any money. Stupid Nigerian Network

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