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ClickLoop is a private lead generation network with a focus on performance-based offers including Cost-Per-Action (CPA), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), and Cost-Per-Sale (CPS). Our offers are developed in-house or are the result of an exclusive partnership. You will not find them anywhere else.

Founded by industry veterans with decades of experience in affiliate marketing, product development, and optimizing conversion funnels, ClickLoop delivers industry-leading EPCs to maximize your ROAS.

By focusing our efforts on a finite set of verticals, we stick to the areas in which we excel. For publishers, this means our offers and funnels have already been tested extensively and you can promote them with the confidence of knowing your valuable traffic will convert.

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100% Exclusive offers in Dating, Games, and ED Meds with WEEKLY payouts

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5.0iMonetizeIt - Raffa

Hi all! I am Raffa Neves and I've been working with iMonetizeIt Network for the last 6 months. I am very satisfied working with them. they pay ti...

December 2nd 2021
5.0CPARK - Olha

One of the best CPA networks. I am working in CPARK for a long time. I always receive my payment on time.

December 1st 2021
5.0iMonetizeIt - Hasbula

iMonetizeIt is the best affiliate network I have been working with! They provide a stable offers with competitive payouts and what is more important ...

November 30th 2021
5.0CPARK - Tony

CPARK is my network of choice for 2 reasons:
-platform is user-friendly
-CPARK staff! Consistently responsive!

November 29th 2021 - Likhon

I get my first payment from Clickleadar. This network's conversions rate is very high. Clickleadar is a best CPA network.

November 24th 2021
5.0iMonetizeIt - Fahim Bhatt

Hi all!
I want to leave a review of iMonetizeIt. I really like this dating smartlink.
1) Wide range of offers
2) Cool features -...

November 22nd 2021
5.0CPARK - Mariya

Really happy to work with CPARK guys! Awesome team and looking forward to furthering cooperation!

November 22nd 2021
5.0AdsPollos - Tyrone Zurcher

I have worked with different networks. Among them, AdsPollos is the best. High payout on offers. Account manager is always very helpful. Support team ...

November 21st 2021
5.0AdsPollos - Sherwood Scheffler

A truly professional team. They have 50+ of offers and most importantly my AM is very friendly and helped me a lot to earn. It is always a pleasure to...

November 21st 2021
5.0AdsPollos - Lyman Mcnutt

High payouts, fantastic support. My traffic is converting here better than with any other network in the world.

November 21st 2021