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TrafficJunky Inc. is an innovative web advertising and digital marketing company founded in 2008 in Montreal, Canada. TrafficJunky's mission is to improve the performance of your company and product(s) with each internet marketing ad campaign. Our team of experts will help and guide you to find out which creatives are currently working best and provide you with detailed traffic reports.

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TrafficJunky is the leading online Ad Network that offers Advertisers large volumes of quality web, mobile and tablet traffic.

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    Traffic Junky – complete disappointment!
    And that’s why:
    – firstly, I used awesome / original banners to advertise an adult site in order to register new customers and buy tokens. I selected only relevant keywords.
    There were many impressions and clicks, which speaks of the attractiveness of my banners and right optimisation of the advertising campaign, but the result of the work is zero. Not even a single verified user. I’m not even talking about buying tokens.
    I replenished the balance 2 times for $ 200. Either their service is not working properly or an autobot clicked on my banners and devoured my entire budget to no avail!

    – Secondly, I would like to separately note the support of the service, which consists exclusively of profane. I have written to support many times and asked them to politely teach me how to use their service.
    It looked like this: always different people from support wrote to me their personal and different opinions with excerpts from a previously memorized text during an internship at their new workplace.
    When you choose countries from the first zone and in the case when your budget very quickly disappears somewhere, you ask for help and ask, “maybe, to reduce the rates and the daily budget?”, in response – silence! After repeated letters – “can you help me, please, to optimize my ads campaign?” – you get the standard nonsense in return.

    Wasted money and nerves! Better give your money to charity and be happy with your help!

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5.0CPARK - Adelin

10/10 I would recommend. I'm running dating offers which are converting so well for me. + Payment is always on time. Thanks a lot

October 20th 2020
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i'm not working for long with adtrafico network but from what i have already mentioned i think it's a good one. payments are every week and ...

October 16th 2020
5.0Natifico - Willibald Walter

Two month with stable payments. I recommend the network.

October 16th 2020
1.0Bebi Media - benattia farouk

2 months I'm waiting for my payment, Personal account manager they don't even respond to the skype email message .

October 16th 2020
5.0CPARK - Jane

Cool network to work with. High payments and always on time

October 14th 2020
5.0Adult Revenues - Brent

Got my payments on time all the time!

October 9th 2020
5.0CPARK - Alexandr

Very good partner. I scaled my revenue with them!

October 7th 2020
4.3Trafee - Motiur Rahman

Trafee is a great network for dating smartlink.. Kono bangladeshi Jodi amar sathe kaj korte chay tahole amar sathe contact koro. Skype :- live:.cid.39...

October 1st 2020
4.7Trafee - MD Sabbir

I love this platform. Offers are highest paying as they claimed it to be. Nice support from my aff manager. I'm satisfied with my experience.

September 30th 2020
5.0CPARK - Ethan

Its's really best-performing aff network. If you are looking for a reliable partner, simply choose CPARK. Fast payouts and great support.

September 29th 2020