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Optiads is a new native ad network that help publishers and advertisers to get the best results.
Our features for publishers:
- Ads that match your content
- In-page notifications
- Link-under Boost
- Real-time reporting
- Dedicated account manager
- 100% fill rate
- Minimum withdraw amount of $10.00 USD via PayPal or $500.00 USD via Wire transfer
- Withdraw requests are processed within the 10 business days
- Affiliate Program : The commission is 10% of the withdraw amount.

Our features for advertisers:
- Real time bidding system
- Real time reports
- Advanced targeting
- Your ads will not be shown in anything but a real website page
- We choose to block the display of our ads to proxies and VPNs
- Dedicated account manager
- Minimum deposit of $50.00

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OptiAds Network - Native/In-page/Link-under Ad Network

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Latest Reviews

5.0iMonetizeIt - SHABAT

The best affiliate network that gave me new opportunities to earn money on the Internet. Thanks to the large number of offers, everyone can find somet...

January 17th 2022
5.0CPARK - Alexander

Very good network with high converting offers and strong payouts. Thanks to Oleh for his awesome support.

January 15th 2022
2.3iMonetizeIt - Natalia

Everything was cool but one-day iMonetizeIt decided not to pay and hide conversions.
Be careful with this service.

January 14th 2022
5.0GiantAff - Abderrahim Nait

I am very happy with GiantAff. They make regular and fast payments. I am working on this site regularly.

January 12th 2022
5.0GiantAff - Saiful

The true and trusted! Great conversions, helpful support team. I only have the best experience with the network.

January 11th 2022
5.0iMonetizeIt - Arthur Jr.

Excited to work with iMonetizeIt. Here I found my favourite offers with an impressive payouts. And I have been paid in the early of this month - a big...

January 11th 2022
5.0TacoLoco - Kinny

I am not sure whether it's still a need to search for other push networks. Tacoloco works really well. It has everything for great results.

January 10th 2022
4.7GiantAff - kingfish992

excellent support, even on holidays they reply to my messages. which I know the payment is the fastest compared to other networks.
Click here t...

January 10th 2022
5.0GiantAff - ERNIE ISNOR

Good ways to earn money and lots of good information to learn from. Giantaff is the best affiliate network! I get paid on time every time.

January 10th 2022
5.0iMonetizeIt - CharlieXOXO

Amazing Networke. Great offers and very helpful support. Highly recommended! Keep it up guys!

December 28th 2021