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To effectively reach and capture billions of measurable impressions, Lead Impact uppercuts with our proprietary traffic source and the best state-of-the-art ad targetting technology in the bussiness, including:

Individual Keyword and URL-
Through our exclusive online bidding system

Keyword-level Conversion Tracking-
optimization means better metrics

Geo-Targetting-region, country or language-
we get the volume to you

Bid/Traffic/Spend Reporting Tools-
detailed reports make quick analysis sweet

Multiple Channels of Traffic-
Contextual Pops, New Tabs, and Shopping

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LeadImpact Network

We turn browsing and searching into unlimited lead conversion providing pinpoint geo-targeting and performance optimization.

  1. 2.7 Offers: 3Payout: 3Support: 2
    Uhh so this is hard to say as an affiliate side since most people advertise so the categories above are not really what its all about with leadimpact. My review is that its hit and miss and the minimum is $1k to get started which is a big turn off for a lot of people new into buying traffic. A lot of people have done well but I think there are some other more exciting new places to buy ppv and ppc traffic
    3.7 Offers: 4Payout: 5Support: 2
    Leadimpact was my first network for CPV and I have been slowly using 50onred more and more. I think Leadimpact needs to improve their support. Each time I need help it takes them like 2 days to respond.

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my choice is for ad-maven. there is no other network with such CPM!

October 22nd 2017
5.0Ad Maven - George Bendersword

Ad-maven for me is the way to earn for 2 years. Good offers and payments are always in time. That's all I need.

October 22nd 2017
4.3AdMaza - adi

good ad network i test and i recive 130 usd good cpc ad network

October 22nd 2017
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click count super its good ad network

October 22nd 2017
1.0Leadbit - Hassan Med

Not good as described.

October 21st 2017
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I found a good program. Great conversion with my adult traffic.

October 21st 2017
5.0Pulsar Ads - James Williams

Really glad to work with that Network. Amazing offers and team!!

October 20th 2017
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Amazing offers, good CPA, and rock solid EPC! have been pushing BTC code for almost 2 months now and the conversion has been on point every single day...

October 19th 2017
5.0AdMaza - Nasir Khan

good ad network super fast payment and very high cpc rate just love it

October 19th 2017
1.0Ad Maven - Frederick Adams

i don't see what is so special about this network, there offers really suck!

October 19th 2017