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COINKEEPER ADS is a fast-growing and developing affiliate network. We operate in most lucrative verticals including: Social Networking, Gaming, E-commerce, Finance, Insurance, Forex, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Travel, Entertainment, Gambling, Nutra, etc

We help advertisers engage their audience for their apps and websites to reach their marketing objectives through CPA/CPI/CPS/CPL /CPC model offers. Only trusted sources are launched for the campaigns you run.
With in-house tracking platform, we provide:

* 100% uptime

* Unique antifraud system

* In-house tracking API solution

For our publishers we've established unbeatable conditions for traffic monetization. As a publisher you can enjoy a flexible payout system. We are the first Network to make payments via BITCOIN besides wire, paypal and payoneer.

COINKEEPER is also a centralized exchange for the world’s leading cryptocurrencies. Our platform makes it easy to securely buy, use, store and trade digital assets. To achieve that, we provide a CK99 platform (CoinKeeper code starts with 9x) to assist startups in creating a SmartContract, managing wallets via API systems and tracking all transactions. We also provide a SmartWallet that includes "Crypto Wallet - Fiat Wallet - Token Wallet". Users will have a toolkit and will be able to check their information with ease: transactions, block information and APIs of tokens that are developed on the CoinKeeper platform. We provide various services for token sale and crowdfunding through ICOs, IEOs and NCOs.

We equip startups with efficient tools to attract investors, develop their projects and accomplish their goals. CoinKeeper empowers investors, while at the same time safeguarding their invested funds. In this day and age, we know there is always some degree of risk involved with early investment. We aim to minimize that risk with our insurance services for ICOs, IEOs and NCOs.

Our insurance packages keep your mind at ease as you motivate the projects to attain their goals. As a perfect resonance, CoinKeeper Ads works as a global advertising network that offers useful tools to control, grow and promote advertising campaigns effectively worldwide.

We’re currently seeking strategic partnerships with like-minded businesses in the area to integrate and leverage emerging technology while simultaneously creating new customer experiences.

CoinKeeper has partnerships with more than 150 companies in various fields. These can also be an effective tool to help your brands get closer to the consumer.

With COINKEEPER, success isn’t optional, it’s the standard!

E-Mail : [email protected]
Skype: Contact | CoinKeeper ( live:.cid.94d58f659a7f8460 )

Name: Matt Adamski
LinkeIn: Matthew Adamski
Twitter: @CoinKeeperMatt
Skype: Matthew Adamski | Coinkeeper
Telegram: @CoinKeeperMatt

Contact: Name: Faith Rosas-Ewart
LinkeIn: Faith Rosas-Ewart
Skype: Faith | Coinkeeper (live:.cid.1059b73f8e2498fd)
Twitter: CoinkeeperFaith
Telegram: FaithCoinkeeper

Name: Doug Giusti
LinkeIn: Doug Giusti
Skype: Douglas Giusti | Coinkeeper (live:d.giusti4)
Twitter: @Douglas_giusti
Telegram: Doug_Giusti

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Social Networking, Gaming, E-commerce, Finance, insurance, Forex, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Travel, Nutra etc

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