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Pleased to introduce you to our ad network -
We've been successful since 2019, thousands of webmasters and affiliates have chosen us
for our impeccable reputation and top earnings,

But now we have something new in store for you
In 2021 we stopped being just another push network,
and began to fully monetize apple traffic,
Previously unavailable for iOS monetization,
it now yields up to +50% of your current push revenue.
Giving our webmasters and affiliates - opportunity to earn even more!

For website owners and affiliates

Profitable ad formats - push notifications, iOS calendars, redirect traffic

100% traffic monetization - we monetize all real traffic

Top CPC and CPM for your traffic -

Upload a code to your site in 1 click - just upload a code to your site and get extra income, it doesn’t conflict with AdSense and other ads on the site.

Direct links - even without a website you can use our direct links, there are a lot of landing pages with 100% traffic monetization and the ability to monetize TrafficBack, also PostBack for traffic optimization is available.

It’s suitable for webmasters and affiliates - We successfully work both with website owners and affiliate marketers.

Quick payouts and variety of withdrawal methods - Webmoney, Capitalist, Paxum, Paypal, Visa/Mc (USD), Qiwi, ЮMoney
We pay from one a day to once a week.

Referral program - bring your friends who are traffic managers and webmasters and get 3% on their revenue.

For advertisers

Haven’t you tried traffic by Clickstar yet?
It’s time to increase your profit with us!

Prices for traffic from 0.001$ - calculated based on CPM😉
(Not only for illiquid GEOs)

Variety of formats: iOS calendars, push notifications, redirect traffic

A large amount of traffic:

Targeting depends on subscription age - from 1 to 365 days

Our own direct and high-quality publishers from top webmasters for top advertisers

We aren’t a typical DSP network without our own traffic

Which has a nice effect on conversions and traffic price from start

Minimum deposit from 200$
Webmoney / Capitalist / Paxum / Payoneer / Wire (USD/EUR)

It’s time to scale your profits from other networks just by launching them with us

P.S. We’re so confident that you’ll like the traffic, that’s why we provide a 100% balance refund if you request it in tickets (and if you don’t violate the rules) 😎

For advertisers:
Skype: live:.cid.baed75d9716ff1cb?chat

Email: [email protected]

For publishers:
Telegram: Clickstar_me
Email: [email protected]

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I've had really nice experience with this network! Recommend it.

December 3rd 2022
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What pleased me was that they immediately gave keywords for advertising campaigns. Allowed me to get started right away! Plus, the quality of my traff...

November 30th 2022
5.0Union Pharm - Rich

Chic PP with excellent conditions for draining traffic. Weight loss and potency products in a bunch just go great.

November 30th 2022
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November 29th 2022
5.0Union Pharm - Peaches

One of the best bourgeois affiliate programs where I have recently dumped traffic. Moreover, the GEO is very wide and you can customize everything for...

November 27th 2022
5.0Union Pharm - Dave

What is really convenient is to work with advertising campaigns, you immediately get everything you need for this!

November 27th 2022
5.0Union Pharm - jackRyan

A chic affiliate program, the conditions were immediately excellent, they definitely have no equal in terms of pharma now, I definitely advise!

November 27th 2022
5.0Union Pharm - Hunter

That the proms with creatives were immediately given - this is very good, and they are well-developed, so you can immediately embed and start merging....

November 26th 2022