Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Beginner Mistakes

Affiliate marketing beginner mistakes

are all too common given all of the different information and opinions that are available online. Fortunately, there are some mistakes that beginner affiliates tend to make more than others.

Affiliate Marketing Beginner Mistakes

In order to help beginners and newbies with their affiliate marketing efforts, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 affiliate marketing beginner mistakes. Even if you’re not a beginner, some of these might just help you out.


    We get it, the thought of making money online is extremely exciting. Unfortunately, its easy to do too much, lose focus and become a “scatterbrain”. When you start out, there’s a tendency to perform your research online. When you perform your research, you’re going to find a handful of people all making money using different methods and techniques. Rather than focus in on doing things one step at a time, most people want to make money right away, so they try to copy all of the people that are doing well. The problem is that those people got to where they were by focusing and taking it one step at a time. The message is that you shouldn’t spread yourself thin. Doing too many things at once and not getting anywhere will only leave you exhausted, confused and discouraged. Instead, make sure that you’re learning things and growing whether or not you make money right away. When you do the right things, the money follows. Focus on working with good people and learning good habits.


    Another mistakes beginners make is placing far too much emphasis on a campaign’s payout thinking that bigger payouts = bigger paydays. That’s not necessarily true. In fact, it can often be the exact opposite for a beginner. Higher paying offers are harder to convert and that means you’ll need to do a better job of converting your visitors. If you’re a beginner, you may just be learning how to earn conversions. Think of it as trying to make a sale. In order to do so, you need to learn the ropes and figure out how to pitch things, how to present and how to close a deal. Going for a bigger sale is going to be harder. For users, many people don’t think much if they need to do something simple which is required by a low paying offer. Getting someone to install an app or complete a short survey can therefore be easy. Asking someone to purchase a $35.00 product will take a lot more. The tip here is that you shouldn’t chase the big money until you feel that you have the hang of things and have a good value proposal to your visitors. Then you can start mixing in higher paying offers.

    It Matters


    Getting traffic is very important and we all know that but taking care of your traffic is equally important. The difference between a 1% conversion and a 2% conversion may not sound like much, but it means twice as much money in your bank account! All too often people creating very poor or broken looking landing pages. You wouldn’t believe how frequently affiliates commit spelling mistakes. So ask yourself this, would you trust a page that looked like it was designed in 2001? Would you trust a page where there were multiple spelling errors on simple words? No, you would not! So how can you expect someone to trust your page enough to convert an offer its low quality? Take your time and invest in a strong landing page so that the visitors you do get will have a reason to convert.

    Time Is Money


    There’s a saying that time is money and in affiliate marketing that couldn’t be more true. All too often affiliates get discouraged after working hard for a few days, weeks or even a few short months. Don’t get discouraged, if you’re doing the right things you’ll achieve the success that you’re after. Instead of getting down about things, look at what you’re doing. Are you trending in the right direction? Do the things you’re working on have a lot of promise? If so, it’s only a matter of time. Conversely, if the things you’re doing don’t make sense or if you’ve re-traced your steps and find that you’re scattered all over the place, then you have no reason to be frustrated that things aren’t working. You need to hit reset, focus and build in the right direction.


    The key portion of reinvest is the word “invest”. Invest in yourself by putting money behind good people, good projects and good efforts. A lot of beginner or even experienced affiliates are so anxious to make money that they make the mistake of spending it before its even in their hands. Don’t find ways to blow all of your money. Find ways to grow all of your money. You’re going to run across people that can help you, projects that need funding and a slew of other things that will help you sleep better at night knowing you have the right team or resources in place to go in the right direction. Peace of mind means you’ll think better and perform better. Then, as you start making more and more, take out a little bit and keep the rest in your business. This way, you’ll not only make money in the short term, but the long term as well.

There you have it. Read this list then read it again regardless of your experience. If you’re a beginner, we strongly recommend that you do everything that you can to avoid making one of these top 5 affiliate marketing beginner mistakes.

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