Mobile Advertising

In the last two decades, mobile phones have taken over our mode of communication and completely transformed the way we communicate. Today, marketers and advertisers are looking for new ways to better engage their customers that on its own brought about the birth of mobile advertising. The mobile advertising conference held in the year 2000 in London also contributed its quota.

But since mobile advertising started with SMS and MMS, today, it has zoomed to multimedia, mobile applications, email marketing and social media.

What are the reasons for picking each mobile advertising platform you might be tempted to ask?

They all share lots of similarities and benefits, however, their outcome and differ.

Similarities of Multimedia, SMS, social media, and mobile application in mobile advertising

• They target mobile phone users

• They bring quick access to different or specific audience wherever and whenever

• There is weak competition for these types of mobile advertising

• They provide a broad sense of user’s engagement by making their adverts interactive most times

• They offer excellent returns on investment if properly utilized

• They can all be interlinked together to give a better user experience

How are they different in various spectrums?



In this day and age, people are beginning to see the benefits of actually using short videos as a form of advertisement as the market for online streaming of videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. begin to boom. YouTube on its own streams as much as 1 billion videos usually with live adverts in a day and they are displayed to various users at specific times. Facebook and also other platforms incorporate videos in their ads to better target users in different locations.


While this means of mobile advertising is quickly feigning, small businesses still use them to target local market on the same or different geographical location. It is called Bulk SMS, and it provides instant access to targeted customers.


All most everybody is on social media these days, since the launch of the first social media, users have risen to as much as 2 billion people in the world. Facebook on its own just celebrated having two billion members with access to its product. These provide a useful opportunity for companies who want to leverage on the massive awareness its market can provide for their business. Facebook ads use mobile marketing as well as other social media ads to target a specific audience or reach out to a worldwide audience using social media.



Since the invention of smartphones, the mobile app industry has never been the same. Almost every tin we do in our social life as an app for it. The proliferations of various apps have made it accessible as a marketing tool. Most people play video games are well as perform other functions using apps on their phone, the careful infiltration of pop-up ads and banners each offering various product that can be bout, viewed or shared, provides a unique opportunity for businesses aiming to showcase their businesses…


Other forms of mobile advertising like email marketing

Different type of mobile advertising does exist like pay per click, CPM, CPI, Banner, etc.

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