Email Marketing and Money Making Secret

Email marketing and how you can easily be making cool money, ranging from 4-6 figures from it.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to really make money with email marketing.

Most email marketers this days make mere pennies from email marketing even from hard work and inputs.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to break away from the ‘mold’ and generate 4 figures or even 5 figures per month just by sending simple emails periodically, even from the comfort of your home.

Interesting, right?

Let’s get started.

As an online entrepreneur it represents another opportunity for those home-based marketers to add yet another service to the toolbox. So if you have not entertained email marketing as an opportunity, now is the time to get on board.

First of all, what is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is simply promoting either your own or other people’s products or services via email promotions. If you’re not sure exactly what email marketing is, it’s simply sending out email broadcasts to an email list of subscribers. Put the two together, and you have a powerful combination.

 Let’s look at the major parts of an email campaign and get you started making money from email marketing.

Email marketing consists of 2 main parts. First you need to develop an email list and secondly you need to provide a provocative, personal or entertaining content to get potential customers to open the email.

The Email List

As an online marketer trying to make money from email marketing the email list is a very powerful tool. A well-developed list tells sellers or companies who to reach. The list gives demographic information such as:




Buying Behaviors

Working with an existing email list is preferable, as developing an email list can take considerable amount of time, effort and money through website development, PPC campaigns and surveys to gain the valuable information necessary. Alternatively, the company could purchase email lists from a trusted list supplier.

In either case, the list should give an email marketer the right tools to help in deciding the right type of content to include in the message based off the behavioral patterns outlined in the analytics of the list. These analytics include:

Shopping Questionnaires

Surveys on likes/dislikes

Browsing and internet usage statistics

Many of these patterns are available through Google Analytics or corporate efforts to obtain this information.

The Message

First, contact emails need to be engaging, provocative, entertaining and eye-catching. This is the first impression as the saying goes “You’ll never have another chance to make a first impression”.

The very first thing to consider in this first impression is the subject line. Be careful with subjects that offer “Sales” and “FREE” in them as most email users are skeptical and will not open these. Try a soft-sales approach that offers free advice, tips or guide such as “Ten Tips for Exfoliating” or “A Guide to Mountain Climbing”. Understandably, if you target the right person, such as the one who has interest in mountain climbing, the person would open the email.

The body of the message leaves tremendous amount of space for companies to wow, impress and grab consumers’ attention. In this space make sure to use current tools as much as possible such as links, share and like buttons to current social media profiles to offer cross-platform marketing. These social media sharing options increase click through rates up to 55% more than without them. However, do not use too many different fonts or colors as these can distract from the actual message. As always be judicious in the number of emails in the campaign. Never look forced and tell people the benefits for them instead of being general. The reader should feel that the product or idea is tailor-made for him or her.

With a good list and the right message you will be making money from email marketing in no time.

Hey Don’t be discourage by any negative word around before you venture into email marketing.

If you really want to be making cool money even daily, I can bet with you, email marketing will surely get it for you without too much stress.

I wish you all the best

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