CPA Network Types Compared

Many affiliates have specific offers in mind so they become uncertain as to whether they need focus on the quality of the network, the niche they need offers in or both. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get everything you want out of one source. Or can it? Today we’ll explore the different CPA network types and what the benefits are of working with one over the other.

Vertical Focused CPA Networks or General CPA Networks

We often hear about vertical focused networks. Mobile CPA network, dating CPA Network, survey offer CPA network, so on and so forth. But is being vertical focused really an advantage or is it a gimmick that’s mainly for marketing purposes.

CPA Comparison
The reality is that a name and “focus” really doesn’t matter. The proof is in the offers themselves. Unless a CPA Network owns the ads themselves, which most do not, then there really is nothing advantageous about being “focused” in one vertical over another other than the fact that they have a narrow focus. Now you might think that having a single focus allows a vertical focused CPA network to perform better and get more offers for that specific vertical, but that isn’t necessarily true. There are a lot of factors such as the size of their staff, their associations and volume. In fact, the advantage of a network that doesn’t focus on any specific vertical is that they can leverage a much larger affiliate base to generate volume since affiliates aren’t restricted to one vertical and can send traffic wherever they’d like. In addition, regular CPA Networks tend to be larger and have more diverse relationships which can open up additional doors.

What Should You Do?
Does that mean you should avoid vertical focused CPA networks? No. It simply means that you should not assume that they are better at any one particular thing simply because they claim its their focus. That’s akin to believing a CPA network that says “We are the best”. Every CPA network claims to be the best and they only way for you to figure out who is would be through testing. Now when it comes to specific CPA verticals, the first test is to examine a CPA network’s offer base. If, after performing a comparison, you find the offers you want at the payout you need, then you’re working with the right network. It sounds pretty simple but all too often we assume that a narrow focus is better when it comes to specific CPA offers. It simply isn’t. Always check a CPA network’s offer inventory and see for yourself. You may be surprised at what you find.

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