Anatomy of a CPA Network Review

We’ve all seen a CPA network review and many of us have written one but not all reviews are created equally. The difference between leaving any old CPA network review and a good CPA network review can make all the difference when it comes to being able to separate the good CPA networks from the not so good ones. In this article, we’ll go over the top 5 elements of a CPA network review and help you understand what to look for in other people’s reviews and what you should focus on within your own.

Top 5 Elements of a CPA Network Review

In order to provide a comprehensive list that would help affiliates better understand a CPA network review, we analyzed the different categories that make up a CPA network’s overall rating. By breaking down each category, understanding its meaning and purpose, we were able to put together a list that will help everyone understand the importance of different elements within a review


There tends to be a a lot of confusion among CPA network review contributors when they see the offers category within a review. Some people think the rating should be based on the amount of offers provided. Others believe it should be based on payout and there are those who believe it should actually be based on diversity or even exclusivity. So what’s the answer? The truth is that all of those things matter and should be weighed appropriately. If a network specializes in exclusive offers, you want to gauge the quality of those offers, the amount, the diversity then give your rating. If the network is diversified, then thing of each category and judge them based on their performance.


The payouts category is an area that gets a lot of attention in any CPA network review and we understand why. Everyone wants to know how much money a network pays! That’s definitely important but numbers don’t tell the full story. When you’re rating a network based on their payout, you want to base it on how much you actually get paid. Many affiliates make the mistake of looking how much campaigns payout and base their ratings on that number. A high campaign payout is nice but if you don’t actually make more money with that higher payout, then that high number really isn’t worth very much.


The support category is one of the more interesting components of a CPA network review. How do you rate support if you’ve never needed support? The answer is that you should start at 5 stars and work your way backwards. A CPA network shouldn’t be penalized if you don’t ever need support since most of us would prefer if we never needed support. Particularly since there’s no real option to say not applicable since that would create an incomplete review. Assuming you’re on a network that’s covered all of their bases in the FAQ and has a very intuitive platform, that in itself is a passive type of support and possibly the best type there is. That’s worth 5 stars. Now, if you do interact with support because you couldn’t find what you needed on your own, you will want to rate the network based on how you feel once the interaction is complete. Do you feel happy and satisfied with the support level? If so, it’s a 5 star. The less pleased you are, the lower the rating should be.


A good CPA network review is the sum of its parts. Meaning there is no overall rating since that’s redundant and undermines the category rankings. Rather, when you are leaving a review for each different element try to think of how you feel about the network overall. Don’t let that completely change your mind but let it be a factor. Sometimes when we break things down we think of something with a bit too much negativity or positivity. Step back, take a macro perspective and think of the network overall then let rate each category. This will help ensure that your individual ratings are aligned with your overall thoughts of a network.


The comments section of a CPA network review don’t contribute to a network’s rating but are very important. This is your opportunity to explain and articulate the things that your ratings cannot. Did you receive exceptional service? Would you give the network higher than 5 stars if it were possible? This is your opportunity to share those thoughts and feelings. Often times, its the little things in a CPA network review that put a particular network over the edge and help an affiliate make his or her decision. The comments section is your opportunity to help the community understand those little things about the CPA network you are reviewing.

There you have it. Our top 5 elements of a CPA network review. In the future, whether you find yourself leaving a review or reading a CPA network review, please think about the 5 points we’ve listed here and how they can help you leave a better review or understand someone else’s review more fully.

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