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Affizer is a world-leading performance-based CPL (cost-per-action) network. Affizer drives large scales of traffic worldwide. We Want to Success Affiliates. We are always ready to share with you our last top converting offers. Our Focus Affiliter's Profit. You will get timely payment for good traffic.

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1.0Revolution Force - Tarling

they are scam network now,they do not pay,stay away from them

December 4th 2023
5.0MyLead - Bartek

Very positive experience, making money online never was so simple

December 2nd 2023
1.0Envyus Media - Joe

They are shaving leads.

November 21st 2023
1.0Envyus Media - Joe

They are shaving leads.

November 21st 2023
4.7MyBid - HeroX

The traffic to our targeted geos, BD, PK, and MM, performed well. We have already uploaded everything to the VPN app, and the payment was based on per...

November 10th 2023
5.0Los Pollos - Umka

Excellent network! I have been working with them for more than a year, the payments are good, there is no retainage. I can withdraw money every week, ...

November 9th 2023
5.0Los Pollos - Hanny

I like the monetization of traffic from the dating smartlink LosPollos. Excellent support, many verticals, good rates, no hold.

October 15th 2023
5.0C3PA - Sam

C3PA is a great affiliate network to work with. The managers are responsive, the rates are competitive, and the platform is comfortable and easy to us...

September 30th 2023
5.0Los Pollos - Andrew

I like this affiliate program, so I settled on it. There are good payouts, no holding, excellent support. A reliable platform with a transparent syste...

September 25th 2023
5.0C3PA - Pedro

One thing that I really like about C3PA is that they offer a wide variety of verticals to choose from. This means that I can find offers that are rele...

September 23rd 2023