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Affilight is an mobile affiliate network from the Northern Europe allowing webmasters, app developers and media-buyers to monetize their mobile traffic by the market’s highest standards.

Imagine something as powerful as an icebreaker pushing through solid ice; as spectacular as the
Northern Lights in the night sky; as cute and furious as the polar bear. Affilight combines all these
qualities. Our team designed the best tools for webmasters and application developers from any corner of the world to maximize their profits without efforts: SDK for Android apps, Smartlink for webmasters, Offer list for the most experienced publishers.

1) With our SDK for Android apps you will get lifetime earning from every user. Our SDK is the icebreaker that will crash your rivals. What will you get with our SDK? Firstly, best offers from major ad networks. Secondly, simple integration without coding. And there is no “finally”, the number of benefits is huge.
2) Our smartlink provides webmasters with super-smart targeting system with 2000+ offers including CPM, CPA, and Rev-share solutions. It is irresistible as the Norther Lights. Don’t waste your time working and searching good offers. We will do that for you. Do you remember what people say: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We will free your time for a play!
3) But if you are experienced enough and like hands on approach, our offer list is open for you. Test, experiment, develop your own strategies and maximize your profit!

We’re glad to accept worldwide non-incent mobile traffic.What we can offer for it:

— rev-share up to 80%
— payouts twice a month
— more than 10 payment methods: Bitcoin, PayPal, WebMoney, Wire, Epese,
Ecoin, Paxum, Epayments, Capitalist, Payoneer
— referral program 5% lifetime
— prepay budgets for big volumes and bonuses for a long-term partnership
— personal approach, attention to details and much more to offer you!

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Smartlink for monetization of your website

  1. 4.7 Offers: 4Payout: 5Support: 5
    Quite well, actually
    Interesting network with smartlink that has many install offers, so in my case - it is ideal. I have download traffic with GEOs from all over the world and it is great that their link has WW coverage.
    I've already got 4 payments and if everything continues to be good then after the 6 payment I'll definitely expand cooperation.
    4.7 Offers: 4Payout: 5Support: 5
    Really good.
    Smartlink is normal with lots of offers but need time to optimize. Your manager will tell you about it and also help to optimize it faster. But anyway you will have to wait for day or two, maybe more. After that link starts to show good result.
    Payments are always in time, 2 times a month, quite stably
    Overall satisfied, recommend to try
    Affilight Payment Proof Review
    4.3 Offers: 4Payout: 5Support: 4
    Very good when it comes to at least normal source of traffic. They use smartlink as the main monetizing tool, it includes hundreds of offers in rotation, so be prepared that you'll have to wait for some time till the link warms up. After the moment their soft finally adjusts to your unique traffic features you will see good CR.
    I also asked my manager for ad placement optimization. It hasn't happened immediately but after some time I saw slight CR increase. Cannot remember any problems connected with payout. They pay NET15 by default and I regularly get my money twice a month. Overall, this network is definitely worth a try.
    4.3 Offers: 4Payout: 4Support: 5
    I've been working with this affiliate network enough to make sure that it is worth investing money into their links.
    The basic product of Affilight is a smartlink that contains hundreds of various offers. This combination allowed me to achieve full monetisation coverage on my website. Of course I cannot say that everything was great from the first moments after registration. It took some time for the link to "warm up" and adjust to my traffic and also particular customizing of the link was required but thanks to permanent support from my affiliate manager these arrangements didn't take much time.
    Throughout my working with this company I've never faced a single issue coonected with my payout. Everything was paid on time with the paying method I was interested in. I recommend this network and definitely continue working with it.
    1.3 Offers: 2Payout: 1Support: 1
    I would never recommend it.
    I've received all my payments But when I stopped dealing with them They refused to pay my money.
    Affilight Payment Proof Review

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